Balance board

Balance board

Do You often skip to stand up when you are working just because it hurts in your feet, knees or hips? We have many ergonomic aids to help you with that challenge. The balance board is one of them.

This is an ergonomic device that pulls you out of your office chair. By standing up, you increase your blood circulation and burn more energy, as opposed to when you are sitting. The benefits of using a balance board is that it creates movement in your body by activating the balance and muscles – more than if you use a relief mat!

You can exercise or regain muscles and joints in the back, stomach, thighs, legs and buttocks and furthermore it is also good for your neck and shoulders.

Use your height adjustable table together with the ergonomic boards: Backapp 360 balance board, Steppie balance board or Active Stand board among other products.


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