Steppie balance board

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Steppie balance board

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Brilliant tool to train balance and muscle
You will gain many benefits by using a Steppie balance board, and the best part is that you can excersise while you work.

You can expect to get the following great effects:

  • Ankle joint, knee and hips are activated and trained
  • The activity burns energy - you lose weight!
  • Blood circulation increases
  • The concentration is improved
  • The body's posture is natural
  • Core muscles (inner, deep muscles that support and balance the spine) is activated and trained
  • The sense of balance is activated and trained
  • You can stand for long periods of time - a little movement tire less than standing still


By regularly using Steppie balance board at work - or by using it, for instance, while watching tv, you will strengthen your coordination, balance and responsiveness and excersise core muscles that are otherwise hard to "get to".

You probably noticed earlier in this text that there is a good chance of losing weight just by standing up and working. If you are interested to know how much we are talking about, please click on the link with Calorie-Burn Calculator (see under Downloads), which can quickly show you the increase of calories burned by standing up and work as opposed to sitting down and working - even if it's just half of your workday. It's well worth investing in a Steppie balance board.

Steppie for use during rehabilitation
The best way to retrain your muscles and joints after ankle-knee or hip injuries, is on a balance board. The traditional balance board on the ball is, for most people - at least initially - a big challenge. The Steppie balance board is completely different - more "mild" in the challenge and as you get better, you can increase the workout, for example by standing on one leg at a time or flip the board and tilt the opposite.

The Steppie will, with its pure and simple design, complement any office environment or even at home. The Steppie is as brilliant as it is simple!

Please feel free to contact us on telephone for more information.

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Steppie balance board
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