Contour Unimouse - NEW

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  • Unimouse med ledning
Contour Unimouse - NEW

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Finally a mouse that can be absolutely customized to you! Both vertical and common mouse in one.
This wireless ergonomic mouse is specially designed for creating dynamics and providing the necessary support for computer work. Unimouse is a technologically advanced mouse with high adjustability and precision.

Find the perfect fit for your hand using…

  • Four friction-based joints: Adjust the tilt of the mouse at an angle of 35-70 degrees. Working varied with your hand at a vertical angle is different, but far more convenient and healthy for your wrist.
  • Articulating Thumb Support (ATS) with tri-axis, to suit all sizes and types of hands. ATS means that you reduce the load of your thumb and can have a leisurely grip on the mouse because you can set exactly how the support should be.

A dynamic design is an ergonomic design
Quick and easy variation in the hand’s position while working is an ergonomic way of working. The muscles in your hand are activated while you work, unlike the passive hand position that most other common mice provide. It is really useful and necessary to prevent muscle damage when working many hours with the mouse a day.

Of course, the mouse has more than just good comfort and ergonomics to offer.

With 10 different cursor speeds (DPI) and 6 programmable mouse buttons, you’re the master of your workflow.

Unimouse is also equipped with a long-lasting and fast rechargeable battery, as well as a cable that can charge the mouse while working. With the Smart Sleep System, the mouse goes into sleep mode when not in use.

Unimouse from Contour Design – created for movement, just like you.

Order the mouse here or contact us immediately if you have any questions.

The wireless dongle will always be a part of the package.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Item number Contour Unimouse
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Additional data
  • Measurements: 4.7in. x 3.0in. x 2.2in
  • Weight: 4.5 oz.
  • Buttons: 7 (6 programmable: forward, back, left, middle, right and scroll click).
  • Sensor-type: Pixart PMW3330, IR
  • Operational distance: Up to 25 feet.
  • Battery life: Litium-ion-polymer battery with up to 3 months of power per charge (based on user and computing conditions). Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Connectivity: Wireless or wired
  • Operating system: PC and MAC
  • Driver: Plug and Play. Customize the buttons after your need.


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