RollerMouse Red / Red Plus

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  • RollerMouse RED Plus med ekstra bred håndledsstøtte
  • Red Plus med Underarmsstøtte.
  • RollerMouse Red (almindelig håndledsstøtte)
  • RollerMouse RED.
  • Bundle med Red Underarmsstøtte.
  • RollerMouse Red Plus (bred håndledsstøtte)
  • RollerMouse Red Plus (bred håndledsstøtte) med Contour Balance keyboard
  • Bundle med tastatur og Red Underarmsstøtte.
  • RollerMouse Red Plus (bred håndledsstøtte) med Contour Balance keyboard
  • RollerMouse Red Plus (bred håndledsstøtte) med Contour Balance keyboard
  • RollerMouse Red Plus med EasyKeyboard
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RollerMouse Red / Red Plus

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Stay in your comfort zone.
RollerMouse Red - a brand new and Redefined RollerMouse. It has all the "good stuff" that you know and appreciate from the famous RollerMouse range of products, but now with greater precision, better roll bar and an elegant design. Perfect for users who want the best and demand  great precision.

What are the main differences from the current models on the market?

  • Better scrolling bar with comfortable rubber facing
  • Maximum precision in the market
  • Solid cast aluminum for better durability
  • Beautiful and elegant design

Easy to use – right away
The new rollerbar has a larger surface that the fingertips can rest on, making it both easier to use and more stable and precise. With RollerMouse Red, users of CAD and other advanced design programs now also have the advantage of a mouse that is centrally placed in front of them .

Unrivalled precision
With RollerMouse Red a new tracking technology in the rollerbar is introduced, and it gives you unmatched precision and accuracy. The sensor is placed inside the bar so that it is protected against dust from the desk, providing a more reliable and accurate computer experience. Dual laser sensors makes it possible for you to perform any task efficiently.

To enhance the experience even more, the mechanical mouse click is replaced with a virtual digital click. You get the same feeling of response and control when you click, but without it snapping back . This eliminates the risk of unnecessary micro load on the fingers.

A new beautiful aluminum design
RollerMouse Red is made of a single piece of aluminum. This not only provide a new look, but also ensures a more robust and ergonomic mouse with even more precise and effortless cursor control. No more dust and dirt that often impairs the life of electronic products.

The DNA of the RollerMouse
RollerMouse Red naturally has all the same great features that the RollerMouse in general is known for. The palm rest, which is made of durable leatherette, is in front of you in the optimal work zone to ensure the best working position. You can use both hands, which provides better opportunities for variations in working positions. Simply a better way of working.

RollerMouse Red from Contour Design.

For more information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by telephone.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Item number RollerMouse Red / Red Plus
Mærke RollerMouse
Additional data
  • Dimensions
  • Red: W:41 x H:2,3 x D:10 cm 
  • Red Plus: W:43 x H:2,3 x D:15,5 cm
  • Rollerbar: 30 cm
  • DPI: 600/2800
  • Connection: USB
  • Compatibility: PC & Mac


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