Luxo L-1 architect lamp

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  • With table clamp, black.
  • With table clamp, white.
  • With table base, black.
  • With table base, white.
  • With table base, alu-gray.
  • With table clamp, alu-gray.
Luxo L-1 architect lamp

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Classic and unique design - now available in a LED version
L-1 architect lamp from Luxo is an example of how quality and stylish design gives the product high popularity, year after year. The original architect lamp designed in 1937 by Luxo, is sold in more than 25 million copies worldwide.

L-1 has won awards in the world of industrial design, and the lamp has a unique design, great light and a flexible spring-balanced arm. It is a classic within the range of desk lamps.

The lamp is available in white, black and aluminium, and comes standard with a desk clamp. Table base can be purchased as extra equipment. The lamps are always supplied with 11W energy saving bulb and a 5 year warranty.

The classic L-1 is now also available with a modern LED module. The diodes in the L-1 LED has a life expectancy of 50.000 hours. L-1 LED is dimmable and automatically shuts off after 4 or 9 hours to save energy. That means 25 years or more with normal office use. You will never need to replace the light source!

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Did you know that...

...incorrect lighting can cause eye irritation, headaches and pain in the neck, shoulders and back?

...the older we get the more light we need? A person in their 40's need double the amount of light than someone in their 20's!

...the correct lighting provides increased concentration, satisfaction and well-being?

Additional Information

Additional Information

Item number Luxo L-1 arkitektlampe
Mærke Luxo
Additional data

On all Luxo lamps Glamox Luxo Lighting Limited gives a 5 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects.


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Luxo L-1 architect lamp with clamp, LED, black
€2,108.00 €2,635.00 Incl. Tax:
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Luxo L-1 architect lamp with clamp, LED white
€2,108.00 €2,635.00 Incl. Tax:
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Luxo L-1 architect lamp with clamp, LED, alu-gray
€2,108.00 €2,635.00 Incl. Tax:
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Luxo L-1 architect lamp with clamp, black
€1,519.00 €1,898.75 Incl. Tax:
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Luxo L-1 architect lamp with clamp, white
€1,519.00 €1,898.75 Incl. Tax:
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Luxo L-1 architect lamp with clamp, alu-gray
€1,489.00 €1,861.25 Incl. Tax:
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