Luxo 360 LED task lamp

Luxo 360 LED task lamp

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LED task lamp - great design and good features
360 LED office lamp from Luxo has it all! LED energy-saving lighting, flexibility in both foot and lamp head and obviously asymmetrical and ergonomic task lighting. 360 LED task lamp has a customized horizontal LED module in the lamp head, that provides a broad and directional light. This ensures good lighting in your workplace.

The rotating base and flexible arm uses minimal space when the lamp is pushed back. When fully extended, the light covers a large area, while the lamp head stays parallel to the table.

360 LED is dimmable and has a built-in timer with automatic shut-off to save energy. So if someone forgot to turn off the lamp at the end of the day, the lamp will automatically turn off. The 360 LED lamp is only available with built-in base.

Colors: Black, white or silver grey 

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Did you know that .....

... wrong lighting can cause eye irritation, headaches and pain in the neck, shoulders and back?

... the older we get the more light we need? A person in their 40s need double the amount of light than someone in their 20s!

... the correct lighting provides increased concentration, satisfaction and well-being?

Additional Information

Additional Information

Item number Luxo 360 LED arbejdslampe
Brand Luxo
Additional data

What is LED? 
LED lamps has a very long lifetime. The diodes typically have a life expectancy of 45,000 hours. This gives you 25 years or more under normal use. You never need to replace the light source!

On all Luxo lamps Glamox Luxo Lighting Limited gives a 5 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

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