RollerMouse Red/Red Plus WIRELESS

RollerMouse Red/Red Plus WIRELESS

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Contour RollerMouse Red Wireless – even more freedom!
RollerMouse Red Wireless, you get the same ergonomic computer mouse as you know it from the regular RollerMouse Red Model. Only, now you get the freedom to take it anywhere, without worrying about the cables.

The RollerMouse is ready for use as soon as you have connected it to your computer with the included USB dongle.

Design, content and variation are still part of the package
All of the good things from RollerMouse Red will of course be included in the purchase. The aluminum housing, the technology, the advanced scrollbar and the seven buttons located in the center of your RollerMouse are still there.

Therefore, you are assured that you can use both hands at the mouse and keyboard, instead of just using one. You can work as efficiently as with the regular RollerMouse Red model.

Set your own work rate and perform your work with the greatest precision, because the cursor can read both the very small and the slightly larger movements you make. It's an optimal workflow that makes you efficient and accurate.

Do something about the pain
This ergonomic mouse not only gives you better control, but also reduces the strain on your hands, arms and shoulders. The mechanical click in the roller bar has been replaced by an electronic click that removes one of the many repetitive and inappropriate moves you make with your hands, when working with a mouse all day. RollerMouse Red assures you an ergonomic work position that prevents and relieves pain from working with a mouse.

All the good things about the RollerMouse Red Wireless:

  • Ergonomically designed computer mouse with centered buttons and support for the palms
  • Cursor speed from 600-2800 DPI which provides control and variation
  • Ruler clicks that can be adjusted in the hardness
  • Can be customized for both low and high keyboards
  • Plug and Play installation via USB so you do not have to download a driver
  • Wireless freedom

To make a long story short
A top-class ergonomic RollerMouse with wrist support that can be connected wirelessly, ensuring you freedom of movement and, not least, a varied everyday life without overloading your hands, arms and shoulders.

Order it at Ergopartner today, for a better working day tomorrow!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Item number RollerMouse Red Wireless
Brand No
Additional data
  • Wrist support: Disinfectible leather
  • Driver: Plug-n-Play. To program your buttons a driver is necessary.
  • Warranty: 2 yeras (from date of pruchase)

Red Wireless

  • Weight: 0.82 kg

Red Plus Wireless

  • Weight: 1.04 kg
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